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We believe in using our gifts to further help people.

Young strength strives to help people find their true purpose and ways for them to use their gifts to help others.
Our goal is to help the helpless, defend the defenseless and speak for those who cannot.
We believe God created each one of us with different strengths and abilities.
We know what we do on earth echoes in eternity. If we are not dead, God is not done.

Meet the Founder


Jonathan Young

At the age of three Jonathan’s father would train him every morning in pull ups, running and jumping jacks. After the work out his father would read him Proverbs.

This went on throughout Jonathan’s childhood and helped him build a strong foundation. Jonathan was homeschooled and his teacher was his amazing mother.

At the age of 14 Jonathan went to Fiji to participate on a game show called Endurance. Being on the show gave Jonathan the drive to pursue bigger things in his life.

Jonathan started a beach service business at the age of 17 called Ibeachservice. It is now one of the top beach services on the Gulf Coast.

When Jonathan was 20 years old, he received a swimming scholarship to the University of Alabama.

Swimming at the University of Alabama taught Jonathan discipline and how to train with world class athletes and coaches.

At the age of 22 Jonathan met Lex Luger a WWE wrestling icon. Lex became Jonathan’s spiritual and physical mentor and still mentors Jonathan to this day.

Jonathan has gone to the WWE tryouts twice, Broken World records in pullups and was a bodyguard for world leaders.

Jonathan is currently traveling the World doing mission work trying to seek those in need.

Young Strength was started by Jonathan to help guide others in finding their God given purpose.

By using the gifts we were given to help the less fortunate.

To stand up when it’s hard and to stand out for the right reasons.

Using our physical strength to help people up instead of using it to fuel our ego.

Jonathan believes our physical, spiritual and mental strength should all work together to fight the good fight.

Director of Operations


Ian Hall

“Being a part of Young Strength, has given me the opportunity to put my feet on the ground and work side by side with the residents in hopes of building a healthier community. I believe that everyone is searching for a sense of purpose, and my work allows me to contribute to this goal. For me, the key is to prioritize sustainable change over temporary solutions.”

Ian hall lives in orange beach, Alabama, along with his wife and two dogs. When not at work, Ian enjoys spear fishing, weight training, and surfing. Ian was chosen to be a part of young strength due to his ability to approach complex situations with confidence and perseverance.

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

Why Young Strength?

Young Strength is about refusing to be average. To push yourself in everything you do, without fear of the world’s opinion. To use the gifts you have to look for opportunities to help others and to stand up for what is right.

How Do I Get Involved?

If you would like to get involved with Young Strength send us an email!

Tell us about yourself and we will email you back with all the opportunities we have to offer!

Why Choose Young Strength Products?

Young Strength leads by example by giving back 25% of the money earned to missions around the world. 

Is Young Strength Missions a Non Profit?

YES! YS missions is a Non Profit Organization and currently has our 501c3 status pending. 

How Can I Donate To Missions?

You can donate to our mission by clicking on the missions tab Young Strength Missions. On this page you can choose between our different missions in Bali,Costa rica  or simply just donate to Young Strength Missions

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